How to set trusted addresses for Seznam Email (updated for 2022)

The system uses various technologies to sort unsolicited advertising emails (spam) to your Spam/Bulk folder, but sometimes messages you want to receive are caught in spam, too. There are a couple of easy solutions to ensure messages from senders you like are always delivered to your inbox.

Add to Contacts

If you review your spam folder and find messages you don’t want to see there, you can add the sender’s email address to your contacts. Indeed, before you receive even the first message from a new sender, you can add the sender’s email address to your contacts to ensure the messages don’t get sent to spam from the start. Messages from senders whose addresses you have saved as your own contacts will no longer be automatically marked as spam.

To add a new contact to the address book, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Seznam email account on a computer
  2. In the left menu of the mailbox, click on ” Contacts ” at the bottom
  3. Click on the Add contact button in the top menu
    add contact
  4. The form for adding a new contact is displayed. When creating a contact, it is necessary to fill in at least the field Name, surname and E-mail. Enter any name and surname you prefer, then enter the email address of the sender exactly as the sender provided it.
  5. Select Save changes at the top of the form

Another, perhaps more simple, way of creating a contact is to do so from a message you received from that sender.

  1. Open the e-mail message and click on the e-mail address in the From field in the message header.
  2. A window with a preview of the e-mail address and buttons for the next action will appear.
  3. Select Create contact

Add to Trusted Addresses

If you find a desired message in the Spam folder but don’t want to add the sender to your contacts, you can add the sender’s email address to your trusted addresses. To do this, move at least one of the messages from Spam to Inbox and the sender will be added to the so-called Trusted addresses (or white list) whose messages are always routed to Inbox. Your trusted addresses can be found within your email account, in Settings > Spam.

To view, update, or change your Trusted Addresses:

  1. Sign in to your Seznam email account on a computer
  2. Select Settings then select the Spam section
  3. Go to the Trusted addresses box and enter the e-mail address from which you want all messages to arrive in the Inbox via the Add address button . 

Once a sender is in your trusted addresses list, a green check mark icon will now appear in messages for trusted senders.

For more help


If you need more help receiving email messages as a Seznam Email user, visit their support site.


If you’re an email sender having trouble sending email to Seznam Email users, visit the Seznam Email senders help page.

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