How to whitelist in The Phone Co-Op Webmail

If you’re using webmail from The Phone Co-op (part of The Midcounties Co-operative) and email messages are ending up in your Spam folder that you don’t want there, you can add email addresses to your trusted senders list (also known as a white list or safe sender list) to keep that from happening. Messages sent from your trusted senders will not be sent to your Spam folder.

Add an email address to the trusted senders list

When making entries into the whitelist, several security measures are circumvented. Only enter email addresses or domain names in the whitelist if you absolutely trust messages from them.

  1. Sign into your Phone Coop webmail account on the web
  2. Select the Settings icon ⚙️found in the top-right
    On mobile, select your profile icon first, then Settings
    Phone Co-Op settings menu
  3. Select Security
  4. Under the Mail heading, in the box under Always trust mails from the following senders, enter the email addresses of the sender(s) and/or domains you want to treat as trusted

    When entering multiple addresses or domain names, separate the entries with a comma.

All email messages from senders who are recorded in the whitelist, are treated as follows:
▪ The message is not treated as unwanted
▪ The email source is labeled as trustworthy
▪ Externally linked images are immediately loaded and displayed

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