How to white list in iiNet Webmail

Email is an essential communication tool and nearly everyone has an email address (or two), but it’s ubiquitous nature makes it a popular target for unsolicited marketing messages, also known as spam. To combat this, email providers utilize sophisticated filters that attempt to sort the legitimate email (ham) from the unwanted messages (spam).

Spam filtering is an excellent tool email providers use to help manage the unending flow of unwanted email messages sent every day. Often, this process happens silently behind the scenes, but the process can become very apparent when you don’t receive a message you need. As good as spam filters are, mistakes can be made.

To keep your inbox clean from unwanted emails and to help protect you against malicious messages, iiNet has various spam-fighting methods. However, if you’re finding messages in spam that you’d rather see in your inbox, there’s a couple things you can do to help train the iiNet spam filters to route those messages to your inbox in the future, such as adding a sender to your contacts, moving desired messages to your inbox, and as a final resort, changing an email setting to send all email to your inbox (spam or not. We’ll discuss these in more detail below.

Move desired messages out of spam

  1. Log in to your iiNet Webmail account
  2. Select Email
  3. Select the Spam folder from the left column
    iiNet Email Spam folder
  4. Find the desired message, then click and drag the message to the Inbox folder at the top of the left column

Add the sender to your contacts

You can use this method to white list a sender when you really want to be sure their messages don’t go to spam.

From a desktop/laptop computer

  1. Log in to your iiNet Webmail account
  2. Select Email
  3. Select the New button, then select New Contact from the drop-down menu
    iiNet Add Contact step 1
  4. Enter the sender’s information in each field as desired; at minimum, you’ll need to enter a First Name and an Email Address
  5. Select the Save Contact

From a mobile device

  1. Log in to your iiNet Webmail account
  2. From your email Inbox, select the Home button at the top
    iiNet add contact step 1
  3. Select the Contacts icon at the bottom left
    iiNet add contacts - select contacts
  4. Your contacts are sorted into groups. Select Personal if you don’t have some other group you want to use.
  5. Select the New contact icon at the bottom right
    iiNet add contact - select new contact
  6. Enter the sender’s information in each field as desired; at minimum, you’ll need to enter a First Name and an Email Address.
  7. Select the Save button at the top right

Final resort: Tag spam and deliver to your Inbox

The default spam filter setting automatically sends suspected spam messages to your Spam folder. You can change the setting to “tag” suspected messages and then have those messages delivered to your inbox.

  1. Log in to your iiNet Toolbox
  2. Select My Products > Email
  3. Go to your Email Settings
  4. Go to Email AntiSpam Filter options
  5. Under Filter Options change the option to tag
    iiNet spam filter setting
  6. Select Submit

Suspected spam messages will no longer be sent to spam, but tagged and sent to your inbox instead. Tagged messages will have “iiSpam” in the subject line.

For more help


If you need more help receiving email messages as a iiNet Webmail user, visit the iiNet Customer support site.

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