How to white list in Reagan Mail (updated for 2022)

Reagan Email uses a spam filtering system that inspects incoming email for malicious or illegitimate content and delivers the messages to your Spam folder or Inbox accordingly. Sometimes, this system will make a mistake by sending a message to your Spam folder that you actually want delivered to your Inbox. If you’re using email from Reagan Mail and not receiving email from certain senders, there’s a couple things you can do to ensure messages from trusted senders are delivered to your Inbox by customizing your spam filtering settings using the methods such as adding an email address to your Safelist.

What is a Safelist?

Adding an address to your Safelist creates a rule that moves any message flagged as spam from the address you safelisted to the Inbox so that you do not miss the message. This safelist may also be called a white list or trusted senders list.

Add a sender to your safelist

  1. Log in to your Reagan Mail account
  2. Select your email address in the upper-right corner, then select Settings from the menu.
    Screen shot of the settings menu
  3. Select Spam Settings on the left-hand side of the pop-up box, and then select the Safelist tab
    Screen shot of the settings window
  4. Under the Safelisted Domains & Email Addresses box, select the Add button
  5. Enter the email address you want to safelist in the field under Enter a domain or email address, and then select the Add button
  6. Confirm the correct email address is now listed in the box under Safelisted Domains & Email Addresses and then select the Save button

Once you’ve done this, email messages from that sender should no longer end up in your spam folder. If you need more help with your email account, see the Reagan Mail support site.

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