How to add an address to the safe senders list using the Outlook iPhone app (updated for 2022)

When using the Outlook app for iOS (iPhone or iPad), you might find messages in the Junk Mail folder that you don’t want there. You can easily move the message from Junk Mail to your Inbox, but to prevent this from happening again, you can add the sender’s email address to your junk mail safe sender list. The “safe sender” list may also be known as a white list, safe list, or an allowed list. Unfortunately, you can’t directly add a sender’s email address to your safe sender from the app. To add to or modify your safe sender list, you’ll need to sign into your Outlook account on the web.

Note: This guide is for the Outlook web for business/corporate or school accounts. If you have a personal Outlook (Hotmail, Live, etc) account, see the guide for here.

Add an address to safe senders

  1. Sign in to your Outlook account on the web
  2. Select the Settings button at the top
    outlook web settings icon
  3. Select Mail under Your app settings
    screen shot of the outlook web mail settings link
  4. Select Mail to expand that list
  5. Select Accounts to expand that list
  6. Under Accounts, select Block or allow
    screenshot of outlook web account settings
  7. Under Safe senders and recipients, enter an the sender’s email address or domain (e.g., and then select the add button (+).
    screen shot of the outlook web safe senders of recipients setting
  8. Select Save at the top

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My options on the web (using an iPhone) are nothing like this. I couldn’t find an option to add safe senders.

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