How to whitelist in EarthLink webmail (updated for 2020)

When an email is flagged as spam by spamBlocker it is sent to the Known Spam folder. While this process works very well for the vast majority of spam, it is possible to occasionally have a legitimate email get flagged as spam.

To prevent desired email messages from being sent to the spam folder, you can select the This is NOT Spam button when viewing the email message or you can add the email sender to your address book.

Mark email message as NOT spam

The EarthLink webemail SpamBlocker works on a reputation-based system. When you use the This is NOT Spam and the (This is) Spam buttons in Web Mail to report spam, it raises or lowers the sender’s reputation in spamBlocker. If a legitimate email is coming from a known spam source, you many need to go through this process several times to build up enough of a reputation to override the others who have said this message is coming from a known spam source.

  1. Go to EarthLink webmail and login with your email address and password
  2. Click on the Known Spam link on the left of the page under spamBlocker
  3. Tap the box to place a check mark next to the message you want to mark as “not spam”
  4. Select the This is NOT Spam button to move the message to your Inbox
    Example of EarthLink actions

Add sender to your address book

Unless you’ve modified your default spamBlocker settings, adding an email address to your EarthLink webmail address book will help prevent email messages from that sender being marked as spam.

  1. Go to EarthLink webmail and login with your email address and password
  2. Select Address Book
  3. Select New Contact
  4. Enter details for the contact including the sender email address
  5. Select the Save button

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

14 replies on “How to whitelist in EarthLink webmail (updated for 2020)”

I tried the process listed above, checking the email in question and then clicking the “This is NOT spam” button. I expected that that email would then be transferred to my inbox, but that did not happen. Have I lost this email forever?

Same exact problem. Have contacted their live human chat support multiple times. Essentially, EarthLink’s spam identification has been broken for over a year as of Sept 2023 and shows no signs of ever being fixed. The only “solution” is to remember to regularly log into EarthLink WebMail, click the link for Known Spam, then manually mark each non-spam message (typically a unique, personally addressed message from someone already in your EarthLink online Addressbook!) and click the Not Spam button to move it to your Inbox.

Whitelisting almost never works! Earthlink uses about a dozen public spambots to filter emails before they are even considered for legitimacy. Some of these spambots, such as are full of legitimate email domains. In fact uceprotect blocks a large number or churches and Christian organizations because of their left wing origins.

My sister’s email address is in my Address Book but her emails keep going to my spam folder. I’ve marked her as not spam and white listed her domain but this keeps happening. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks!

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