How to whitelist in Charter email (updated for 2020)

Add an email address to your Charter email contact list or safe sender list

To keep important email out of your junk folder, you can add the sender’s email address to your (Spectrum) safe sender list. If a desired email is already in your junk folder, you can mark the email as “not spam” to help train the Charter spam filter to not send those types of messages to your spam folder in the future.

Add email to safe sender list

Email addresses on your safe sender list will never be treated as junk. You can enter individual email addresses or whole domains.

  1. Sign in to your Spectrum (Charter) Email account
  2. Select the Settings tab (top)
  3. Select the arrow next to Account Settings (left) to expand it
  4. Select an account name and go to the Safe Senders section.
  5. Enter the sender’s email address
  6. Select Add

Mark email as not spam

If a desired email is already in your spam folder, you can mark it as Not Spam.

  1. Select the box next to the email(s) you wish to mark
  2. Choose Mark As and then select Not Spam

Note: Only email that has been read can be flagged.

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I make entries in the safe list, but they are NOT retained. They are no longer in the list the next time I check it. What is up with tis?

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